This year we start perversely - from eating ! Because we know that there is nothing more unpleasant than reading, which does not give anything more than ... reading itself :)

Those who can read, use their imagination as well and they can see the stories that they read. Individuals with developmental challenges think very specifically and learn more if, addictionally, they can do something with the content that they are reading. Some of our students are not engaged in daily routine activities for many reasons (it’s not the place to write about it here), and as a result teachers or parents report difficulties in performing some chain activities by children; for example, they sit at the table waiting for service, putting leg forward and waiting to be dressed ... and it all just happens. Without thought. Without inhibitions we do assist children without considering that the vast knowledge passes through our fingers, and the kids never learn anything.

Let’s say STOP to non-functional reading ;)

The attached reading story with a recipe for a salad I was developed by me on the basis of proposals author of the "Olga Smile Culinary Blog". Of course, the assistant will be needed because he/she will:

- provide assistance while reading (optional)

- supervise the course of making groceries (optional)

- support counting (money and the quantity of purchased products; again optional)

- teach how to put products to the shopping basket/bag (optional)

- navigate while coming back to school/home (optional)

- ensure the safety in the kitchen (without options, it's never enough).

I’ve marked the optionality of certain activities, because when we give the student a chance to be more independent we can find his behavior completely different.

You can divide it into several lessons (one just to go shopping, and next to prepare the meal). 

Do not forget that you need to have parts of a reading for each child (or pair of children); different part while shopping; a different part while preparing the dishes and a different one during cooking. During the activity in the classroom, please display my presentation on a laptop, smartphone, tablet or put it onto the screen.

Let's get to work. Bon Appetit!


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